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We are a small group of uniquely qualified professionals who conduct rigorous safety research, leverage new knowledge to create safety innovations, and experimentally test safety innovations on actual construction sites. All of our work has withstood the rigors of peer-review before being offered to the industry. We believe that construction workers deserve the same level of research rigor that is applied to other fields that relate to human health and safety and that 'good ideas' are simply not enough.


Our position is that safety beliefs are hypotheses to be tested, not truths to be guarded.

What we do and what we believe
Our Team


Dr. Matthew Hallowell is a President’s Teaching Scholar and Endowed Professor of Construction Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He earned a BS and MS in Civil Engineering and a PhD with a focus on Construction Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health. Before his academic career, he worked in construction as a laborer, project engineer, and quality inspector.


Dr. Hallowell specializes in construction safety research, with an emphasis on the science of safety. He has published extensively on energy-based hazard recognition, safety leading indicators, safety risk assessment, predictive analytics, and precursor analysis. For his research, he has received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award and the Construction Industry Institute Outstanding Researcher Award.

Dr. Matthew Hallowell



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Dr. Antoine Tixier

Chief Data Scientist