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Energy-Based Hazard Recognition:
See and discuss more hazards, more easily.

Using a series of mental shortcuts that help the brain detect hazards that are traditionally hidden, this method improves hazard recognition performance by 20-30%.

Precursor Analysis: Predicting SIF events via field safety engagements

By asking the right questions during Field Safety Engagements, management can identify if the ingredients of a serious incident or fatality (SIF event) are present before the work begins.

Live Safety Demos:
The future of safety training is here.

By combining hyper-realistic demonstrations of actual injuries with principles of adult learning, Live Safety Demos increase emotional engagement and spur long-term interest in safety.

Leading Indicators: Moving beyond TRIR to measure true safety performance.

By tracking the quality and quantity of safety management activities, organizations can predict, manage, and celebrate safety success. 

Safety AI: Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to improve safety

By using natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning, hidden trends and patterns can be discovered in databases of injury reports, safety risks simulated, and injuries predicted.