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Energy-Based Hazard Recognition:
See and discuss more hazards, more easily.

Using a series of mental shortcuts that help the brain detect hazards that are traditionally hidden, this method improves hazard recognition performance by 20-30%.

Precursor Analysis: Predicting SIF Events via Field Safety Engagements

By asking the right questions during Field Safety Engagements, management can identify if the ingredients of a serious incident or fatality (SIF event) are present before the work begins.

Live Safety Demos:
The future of safety training is here.

By combining hyper-realistic demonstrations of actual injuries with principles of adult learning, Live Safety Demos increase emotional engagement and spur long-term interest in safety.

Leading Indicators: Moving beyond TRIR to measure true safety performance.

By tracking the quality and quantity of safety management activities, organizations can predict, manage, and celebrate safety success. 

Advanced Safety Analytics: Applying the latest data science for safety prediction.

By using natural language processing and machine learning, hidden patterns can be discovered and future safety risks can be simulated.