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Technical Advising

Our safety specialists serve as trusted technical advisors to some of the industry's premiere companies and associations like EEI, INGAA, and CEPA.

Keynote Addresses

Our award-winning keynote addresses are fun, engaging, and informative.


We offer in-person workshops on hazard recognition, field safety engagements, leading indicators, and many other topics from our knowledge center.

Online Education

You have a busy schedule. Take advantage of our online safety  leadership certificate program taught by nationally-recognized instructors.



We are a small group of uniquely qualified professionals who conduct rigorous safety research, leverage new knowledge to create safety innovations, and experimentally test safety innovations on actual sites. All our work has withstood the rigors of peer-review before being offered to the industry. We believe that workers deserve the highest standards and that 'good ideas' are simply not enough. Our position is that safety beliefs are hypotheses to be tested, not truths to be guarded. 


 In a world of safety celebrities, we aim to be the safety authority.


Knowledge Center

We are an open book. Our methods are published and made available to the public. Visit our knowledge center to learn more about our methods, how they were created, and what resources are freely available.



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