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Live Safety Demos

Safety training will never be the same.

Most safety training is boring. To provide engaging, memorable, and impactful safety training, Live Safety Demos give workers the experience of an injury without actual harm. The demos incorporate hyper-realistic human body parts, physical simulations of tools and equipment, and high-speed videography.

Making Impact

Live Safety Demos are being used for Enbridge Pipelines' Line 3 replacement and TC Energy's Coastal Gaslink Pipeline to train over 25,000 workers in 1,000 orientation sessions. 

Check out a sample video below.

“My experience with over 12 million labor hours on large mainline pipeline projects is that hand injuries account for roughly 30-40% of our recordable injuries. Using the live demos and a combination of cut-5 and impact-resistant gloves, we have eliminated approximately 70% of those injuries. This not only improves safety, but productivity as well." 


~Mike Gibb • Director of Health, Safety, and Security  • Coastal GasLink (TC Energy)

In the news

Our work with the Live Demos was featured in the April 2020 issue of Engineering News Record !

See the coverage by clicking the image below.

What we offer

Replicas of human body parts

Customized demonstrations


The hands

Many of our demonstrations focus on hand injuries, which account for nearly half of all recordable injuries. Using principles from engineering, dentistry, and special effects, we offer hands that not only look real but replicate the physical properties of the human hand almost exactly. The hands have flesh that can be cut, bones that break, and veins that bleed. 

The slicer

Many injuries occur when handling sharp objects, materials, or equipment. The slicer shows how injuries from sharp objects occur and how hands are protected with the correct gloves.

The smasher

The smasher shows the tremendous impact of line-of-fire injuries and emphasizes the importance of impact-resistant gloves for manual handling. The smasher demonstrates the impact of a 4x4 dropping from 5 feet.

The spinner

The spinner shows how even a small mechanical system can cause serious harm. Using any portable cordless drill, the spinner will demonstrate injuries related to rotating mechanical equipment like sheaves, pulleys, or gears. 


Research validation

The Live Safety Demos program has been field-tested with over 1,000 research participants. The demos produced extremely high levels of emotional engagement and sustained interest in safety, the two primary precursors of effective adult learning.

The return on investment is clear: Workers engage, learn, remember, and apply.

Read about the work below.


We have had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's most progressive clients. 

We would love to work with you. Contact Us for more information.


TC Energy




Wolfcreek Group

Qatar Gas

Otis Elevators

Joy Global

Minnesota Limited

The Live Safety Demos won the ConocoPhillips Spirit Award!  (See pages 28 and 29)

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