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Big News.

We are delivering live demos to support primary safety training for Enbridge Pipelines' Line 3 replacement and TC Energy's Coastal Gaslink Pipeline. Live Safety Demos are an integral component of safety orientation, used to increase awareness of the most common hand injuries in mainline pipeline work. The two demos, the slicer and the smasher, are now used to train over 25,000 workers in 1,000 orientation sessions. We are honored to be selected by such progressive clients and to assist with a projects of this magnitude.

Watch a sample Live Safety Demos video below.

Live Demos Concept

The Live Safety Demo effort aims to give workers an authentic and engaging learning experience by simulating actual injuries. To integrate well with energy-based hazard recognition programs, the demos are organized by energy source. ​

Watch our 3-minute overview of the method below.

Check out our Live Safety Demos Collection

To support the Energy-Based Hazard Recognition training, our demos are all organized by the energy source that they describe.


Click on an icon below to see demos related to each energy source.

Pressure              Motion               Mechanical           Electrical             Gravity          Temperature      Chemical           Noise