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Our team offers services that are founded on the principles of safety science. We can help analyze your data, create new tools, train your team, and modernize your approaches.
Artificial Intelligence for Construction Safety

We use natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, and risk modeling and simulation, to develop diagnostics and prediction models from your database of injury reports.  We also develop tools to detect energy and hazards in photos and videos, and automatically summarize your safety meetings. Transparency is key to any safety prediction, so we publish all our methods extensively. Want to know how to be predictive? We will show you! 

Safety Climate Surveys

The only meta-analysis survey on the market, featuring classical Likert questions and AI-based sentiment analysis. We have delivered it to dozens of companies, so see not only how you perform, but also how you compare to the industry average! Our fully-automated data analysis and report generation process allows us to offer this service at very affordable prices, and to deliver results immediately after all workers are done with the survey! You may opt for a one-time survey or recurring (annually), to see the evolution over time of safety climate in your organization.

Live Safety Demos

Typical safety training is boring. Live safety demos give workers the experience of an injury without actual harm. The training includes realistic physical demonstrations of past incidents and engaging videos that help workers to understand the true causes of injury.

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