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Our team offers services that are founded on the principles of safety science. We can help analyze your data, create new tools, train your team, and modernize your approaches.
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Virtual Safety Training

Keep your team at the leading edge of safety with our interactive online workshops taught by award-winning instructors. Courses are taken at your pace and convenience. Content includes the energy wheel, excellent pre-job safety briefings, critical conversations, stop work authority, precursor analysis and field safety engagements, and safety learning and classification. 

Live Safety Demos

Typical safety training is boring. Live safety demos give workers the experience of an injury without actual harm. The training includes realistic physical demonstrations of past incidents and engaging videos that help workers to understand the true causes of injury.

Artificial Intelligence for Construction Safety

We use natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, and risk modeling and simulation, to develop diagnostics and prediction models from your database of injury reports.  We also develop tools to detect energy and hazards in photos and videos, and automatically summarize your safety meetings. Transparency is key to any safety prediction, so we publish all our methods extensively. Want to know how to be predictive? We will show you! 

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Workshops and Keynotes

We offer fun and informative presentations based on the latest safety research. Whether you have a group of 5 or a conference of 5,000, we have you covered with internationally-recognized speakers.

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Technical Advising

Our safety specialists serve as trusted technical advisors to some of the industry's premier companies and associations like EEI, INGAA, and CEPA. We can help you align your safety programs with the latest science.

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