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HECA ® is a new method of measuring and monitoring safety by assessing whether front-line employees are adequately protected against life-threatening hazards. HECA is computed as the percentage of high-energy hazards that have a corresponding direct control. By applying precise definitions of ‘high-energy’ and ‘direct control,’ we can ensure that HECA is consistently measured within and across companies. HECA may be assessed during typical site visits by observing work conditions and engaging with front-line employees.

What is different?
  • HECA marries principles of human and organizational performance (HOP) with the science of energy-based safety

  • HECA is based on the understanding that safety is not the absence of injuries, it is the presence of safeguards

  • HECA is based on the understanding that even the best employees make mistakes, so our controls against life-threatening hazards must be effective even when someone makes a mistake

  • HECA specifically focuses on prevention of SIFs by measuring and addressing SIF-related conditions before an incident occurs

  • HECA supports regular, sustained learning from normal work

HECA Trademark

HECA is a registered trademark of the Colorado Construction Safety Laboratory, LLC (d/b/a Safety Function). Documentation from the US Patent and Trademark Office is available HERE.

A condition of use is that HECA must be implemented as defined and governed. The latest governance documents such as the HECA Rulebook and the HECA Governance Report are shared on this site.


HECA may not be used by other entities for profit without an active license agreement outlining terms of use.

We have Trademarked HECA to protect the fidelity of the method and to discourage the emergence of unauthorized and ungoverned versions, which will cause confusion and inconsistency.

A letter to this effect is available below. This letter may not be altered and will not be customized.

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