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Take award-winning safety workshops at your pace and convenience. Designed and delivered by Dr. Matt Hallowell, these courses provide real substance through engaging delivery, meaningful activities, and high production quality. Every minute of content you see is derived from hours of effort creating, organizing, and recording. We hope that you enjoy these and find them valuable.

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Full Advanced Safety Course

Description:  This course summarizes nearly two decades of research and over 100 technical publications in a way that is easily understood by a broad audience. The course features topics that are shaping the future of worker safety such as energy-based safety, leading indicators, and precursor analysis.

Audience: Front-line supervisors, safety professionals, managers, academics, and others who wish to enhance their personal knowledge and take safety to the next level with evidence-based strategies.

Duration: 15 hours

Cost: $499

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Course Blocks

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1. Safety Fundamentals

Develop a strong foundation by learning the fundamentals of accident causation and injury prevention. 

Specific Topics

  • Accident Causation Modeling and Incident Analysis

  • Understanding Human Error and Error-proofing

  • Prevention through Design

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2. Energy-Based Safety

Use the concept of energy to identify hazards more easily, objectively assess risk, and classify incidents.

Specific Topics

  • Energy-Based Hazard Recognition (energy wheel)

  • Using Energy Magnitude to Assess Potential Severity

  • Safety Classification and Learning (SCL) Model

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3. Front-Line Safety Excellence

Show your team what good looks like for key safety activities based on collective wisdom from research.

Specific Topics

  • Excellent Pre-Job Safety Briefs

  • Managing Change using Stop Work

  • Safety Obsverations using Energy and Controls Assessment

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4. Safety Measurement

What gets measured gets managed. Transform how safety performance is measured and communicated.​

Specific Topics

  • The Invalidity of TRIR as a Measure of Safety Performance

  • Safety Leading Indicators in Theory

  • Safety Leading Indicators in Practice

5. Prevention and Risk Analysis

Prevent serious injuries and fatalities using research-validated field safety engagements and formal risk analysis 

Specific Topics

  • Precursor Analysis and Field Safety Engagements

  • Safety Risk Analysis and Modeling

  • Safety Economics with Contingent Liability Modeling

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Popular Short Courses

This short course is designed to be used in large-scale training that includes front-line workers. This course is commonly licensed. 

Energy Wheel 30min.jpg

Energy Wheel

Learn how to use the energy wheel to dramatically improve hazard recognition.

Duration: 30 mins

Audience: All