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Virtual Safety Training


Designed and delivered by Dr. Matt Hallowell, these short courses offer essential knowledge through  engaging delivery, meaningful activities, and high production quality.


This material was developed in partnership with veteran-owned

Delivery Options

There are three easy ways to work with us. 

1. Licensing


How it works:

  • We coordinate with your team to execute a license agreement

  • We transfer the materials (videos, assessments, and resources)

  • Under one agreement, you have access to our entire suite of training for use in your learning management system (LMS) 

  • We charge an annual fee, renewable upon mutual interest

2. Bulk Seats

How it works:

  • You request a specific number of seats in one or more courses

  • We invoice for the total cost and apply bulk discounts when appropriate (see pricing guide)

  • We create a custom link for you to distribute to your team

  • Your team takes the training on our Thinkific platform

3. Individual Seats

How it works:

  • You enroll directly in a course or bundle of interest using the Thinkific platform

  • You take courses individually

  • You retain access to the training material for your future viewing

  • All payments, course delivery, and certificates of completion are processed automatically in the Thinkific system 


For pricing guides and more information, email Dr. Matt Hallowell at:

Energy-Based Safety

In our most popular bundles, we focus on training teams to:

1. Identify hazards using the the energy wheel

2. Use the concept of high-energy to identify the stuff that kills you (STKY)

3. Ensure that there are adequate controls in place to prevent serious injuries and fatalities

4. Use this knowledge in essential activities such as pre-job briefs, observations, stop work, and event learning

Energy Wheel 70min.png

Energy-Based Safety (Essentials)

This is our most commonly licensed training material. It is available in English and Spanish.


  1. Energy wheel (30 min)

  2. High-Energy and Direct Controls (30 mins)

Intended Audience: Front-Line Employees

Total Duration: 1 hour


Cost: $99 per seat

Precursor General.jpg

Energy-Based Safety (Extended)

This training focuses on using energy-based safety in daily safety planning. 


  1. Energy wheel (30 min)

  2. High-Energy and Direct Controls (30 mins)

  3. Excellent Pre-Job Briefs (30-min)

  4. Managing Change and Stop Work (30-min)

Intended Audience: Front-Line Employees

Total Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $149 per seat

Course card.png

Energy-Based Safety for Leaders and Managers


  1. Energy wheel deep dive (60 min)

  2. High-Energy and Direct Controls (30 mins)

  3. Excellent Pre-Job Briefs (30-min)

  4. Energy-Based Safety Observations (30-min)

  5. Managing Change and Stop Work (30-min)

  6. Safety Classification and Learning (SCL) Model (60-min)

Intended Audience: Leaders and managers

Total Duration: 4 hours


Cost: $199 per seat

Other Popular Bundles


Safety Fundamentals

Develop a strong foundation by learning the fundamentals of accident causation and injury prevention. 

Specific Topics

  • Accident Causation Modeling and Incident Analysis

  • Understanding Human Error and Error-proofing

  • Prevention through Design


Cost: $99 per seat

Precursor ETD.jpg

Safety Measurement

What gets measured gets managed. Transform how safety performance is measured and communicated.​

Specific Topics

  • The Invalidity of TRIR as a Measure of Safety Performance

  • Safety Leading Indicators in Theory

  • Safety Leading Indicators in Practice


Cost: $99 per seat


Prevention and Risk Analysis

Prevent serious injuries and fatalities using research-validated field safety engagements and risk analysis 

Specific Topics

  • Precursor Analysis and Field Safety Engagements

  • Safety Risk Analysis

  • Safety Economics with Contingent Liability Modeling


Cost: $99 per seat

Full Advanced Safety Course

Description:  This course summarizes nearly two decades of research and over 100 technical publications in a way that is easily understood by a broad audience. The course features topics that are shaping the future of worker safety such as energy-based safety, leading indicators, and precursor analysis.

Audience: Front-line supervisors, safety professionals, managers, academics, and others who wish to enhance their personal knowledge and take safety to the next level with evidence-based strategies.

Duration: 15 hours

Cost: $499

Download the course flyer

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