State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence for your Construction Safety Data

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Get started in 3 easy steps


Share your report database


Let us run our custom analyses


Explore your results and use your models via two applications for office and onsite use, and a detailed report


Standardize your database and query it with a smart search engine

See basic statistics and demographics for any slice of your dataset

Extract injury precursors and see how they trend over time

Discover new safety patterns by playing with our interactive visualizations

Estimate the safety risk of any work package or task

Predict the most likely injuries for any situation

The desktop app, to be used in the office by analysts, exposes all analyses and visualizations with many tuning parameters

The mobile app, to be used onsite by safety managers, features only the most important functionalities, in a simplified interface. It is a great pre-meeting tool.

Validated on

- data from the construction, mining, industrial, oil and gas, and electrical domains

 - injury, near miss, and hazard observation free text reports

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California Resources Corporation




Tennessee Valley Authority



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